Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zane's Preschool

Zane is a social butterfly. He walks around church shaking peoples hands during sharing of the peace (by himself sometimes requiring a search and rescue to see where he ended up), chats it up with the ladies in the chiropractor office (they all know his name and call me Zane's mom), talks about my friends as if they are his friends too (Where is Shawn,is that her truck?, is Linda at church eating lunch at church today?).

I got a strong urge that I needed to send him to preschool this fall. I really dug my heels in it at first. I wasn't ready for him to go! We decided on St. John's Child Development Center and are realizing that it really was God's hand guiding us, no matter how reluctant I was about it. Here are a few things I like about it. First, Zane is being taught relationship not religion there. They let those kids know that Jesus is right there with them, leading, guiding, protecting. The teachers and staff have the relationship too, it's evident in the way they talk to the kids and how they have comforted me this past week. One of the first couple of weeks, I caught Zane holding his teacher's hand. Anyone that knows Zane, knows this isn't typical of him. He is a snuggler but not a hand holder!

This is a portion of a prayer request send out by his teacher.

"Melissa Meyer (Zane's Mom)has recently found out
that she has breast cancer. She will be having surgery this Friday and will
know more after that in regards to the stage and severity. She would greatly
appreciate your prayers at this time. Melissa has a very strong Christian support
system and is fervent in prayer herself. She knows that God is in control and
wants God to be glorified in this situation for their family."
"My prayer for you Melissa is that you will have a full recovery and be able
to enjoy your family will full gusto. I also pray that those you encounter through
this situation will see your love for our Christ and be awed by His Grace. God's
Peace be with you."

I am in awe of His grace that He would place these people in my life. I don't deserve it, no one does really, thank you Father for showing yourself through them. I am beginning to understand Your peace. Amen

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