Monday, October 17, 2011

Books and a pillow

My sister and I went on a little excursion today to find pink things and books. I learned a few things...First, after surgery I can't go shopping with Michelle, it will just hurt too much when we start laughing and Second....beware of the morph suits. At Paper Factory Outlet, we laughed until we cried when a mom and son came in to return his morph suit and he was wearing it. Turns out he was trying it on and the zipper got stuck, they had already spent 30 minutes trying to get it off him.

We found few pink things at Paper Factory Outlet and the American Cancer Society gave me a bunch of books to help what is going on to the kiddos and for us adults. I was also given a heart shaped pillow to use as an arm rest while I recuperate. It was made by a girl scout troop in Texas. So sweet, I can just imagine those sweet little fingers sewing it together.

So can you guess what is on it?

If you are considering an organization to donate to, they were awesome at American Cancer Society. I got a pile of books, for free. And they also have wigs and turbans in there for cancer patients (no cost). Not sure if I will need them yet but it's so nice to know I can go in someplace and get help. Also, making something like this really means a lot to the person getting it. I will cherish this forever!


  1. I have to add that I didn't choose this pillow, it's the one they brought out to me!

  2. DOVESJJJJ thank you God for blessings and promises to Melissa.

  3. Are you sure it was her son? I wasn't 100% sure.

  4. I noticed that, Melissa! So awesome that it has doves on it! Sending you lots of love and prayers, friend. <3

  5. Yeah Michelle, wasn't sure, since we couldn't see how old he was or if he looked like her....(Melissa throws herself on the counter again laughing) ba ha ha ha!