Sunday, October 23, 2011

Food Therapy

Darin and I have been up and down emotionally since surgery. Just waiting to hear what treatment is going to be just makes us feel like we are in limbo, which we are, it just can't be helped. It hurts for me to type and harder to even think right now of what the road might be, chemo, how sick will I get, etc.

I am planning on going to my MIL's to stay entertained tomorrow. This was tonight's therapy. BIG thank you to Tammy, Kailey's mom for this bacon, corned beef laden, gravy laden chicken with cheesy hash browns, corn, muffins and dessert. Oh my goodness, it was good and just the carb therapy we needed tonight. Topped off with a visit from my John and Maralee (Darin's parents) helped the evening fly by. 
We will know more sometime this week, we hope, with the results from tests due back Tuesday and hopefully an appoint with the oncologist.
Also a trip to UNMC on Thursday for Zane to get a baseline, we found out this summer he has horseshoe kidney. Nothing serious but something that needs to be watched. He is a healthy and happy boy! He has been great about letting me sleep and Darin is awesome on keeping up on the housework and keeping him entertained (with a four wheeler ride so I could nap!) Please keep the prayers coming and we will know soon what we are going to be facing for sure and what help we need. Thanks so much! Love you all!

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