Friday, October 14, 2011

How this all started....

Now, I am going to be very detailed, but you will see why when the story all comes together.

When Zane was a little over a year old, I went in for my annual and saw the APRN at Dr. Gibbons office. Peg Weber. She is an awesome lady. We were talking that I might be pregnant or nursing at my 40 year mark to start my mammograms. She said maybe I should start sooner so it all taken care of and it doesn't get put off. So I went in the next week, had to go back again because they saw some stuff they didn't like on the right side. So another exam to take a close look. And then another mammogram every six months. I think that went on for 18 months then last December they determined an all clear, the spots hadn't changed in that time period, I could go every year. So I had my last exam last December.

Labor Day weekend, I started to get a strong burning sensation in my right breast. When I checked it out I realized I had lumps all over. Weird! I thought I had mastitis, exactly what it felt like. I called the Dr's office and got an appt for Tuesday. I went in they felt around, we did some talking and the determined that it was from a fall I had a few months before with Klu. Yes, Klu the wonder horse fell while I was riding him and I slammed into the driveway on my right side had a concussion and a bruised shoulder the Dr thought that this was bruising and swelling due to that. Now we are a month later,  the burning was back and the lump felt bigger. And, I had a bad feeling about it.

Called Friday, missed the call back but the nurse left a message that yes, he does want to see me. I called back on Monday and was passed around a bit, we have to call you back, maybe we can help you over the phone. Around ten they say, yes come in we have hardly any patients here today. Well that is unheard of in this office, they are VERY busy there. Just want to add, if they were going to "help" me over the phone I was calling another office. Dropped Zane off with Darin because it just happened to rain the night before and Darin was at home catching up on odds and ends.

I get to the office, go through all the info, yep I was just in here etc. He examined me and said he really thought that it was from my fall. I gave him a weird look (I really like this Dr. I like to give him a hard time) and he said what, you don't think so, I said nope, something is going on. So they called Bryan West to schedule a mammogram for me and it just happened that there was an opening at two. They also scheduled an appt with Dr. Cody the next Tuesday to talk about a biopsy.

So after some Raising Canes and a little retail therapy I headed there. Got  the mammogram done. I have to mention how totally awesome I think these techs are. Also, I have been to Bryan West A LOT lately. End of June for my fall, last week for a kidney stone and now this. Great care each time.

So next  they said they wanted to next do an ultra sound. During the ultra sound I saw she was measuring something on the screen like when I had these done with Zane. So I wasn't imagining this? She went to take this to the radiologist to look at. So I wait, and then in walks the radiologist. In all the times I had been in the hospital lately I have never "seen the radiologist"  all I can think is "oh great". He asks if they can do a biopsy while I am there if they can find a nurse to assist. Sure, then I don't have to make an appt and find another sitter right?

I get the biopsy done, not going to go into great detail on this but yes it hurt but something quickly forgotten! They send me home with the assurance I will get news by Thursday. On my way home, while holding my right boob and wondering if people think I am crazy, I drive home the half hour drive with a dead cell phone and no charger. (details, details, details)  And then words to a song pop into my head. Of course a Gaither song, what else would have heard over and over again as my dad worked outside or as he is driving around?

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there is something about that name. Kings and kingdoms, will all pass away, there is something about that name."

From Monday night through Wednesday morning, when I woke when I drove this song was in my head!

Here is the lyrics to the song, I guess I had the ones in my head I needed to hear though they weren't in order. I am going to leave this post like this for now and will add more later. We are getting ready to pick up my SIL to head to Dr. Cody's office. Pray for us!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus 
There's just something about that name
Master, Saviour, Jesus
Like the fragrance after the rain
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Let all Heaven and Earth proclaim
Kings and kingdoms
Will all pass away
But there's something about that Name.

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  1. I want to add that the Dr office I see recommends mammograms at 40. The ONLY history of breast cancer in my family, is a great aunt and a great grandmother. From what I am understanding that is too far out to be a predictor. No other cancer in the family. Also, the tumor I have, that is the size of a quarter, did NOT show up well on the mammogram I just had last Monday though it can be felt VERY easily. It also burned. It showed up on the ultrasound of course. So you must do BOTH self exams and mammograms, listen to your body.