Sunday, September 9, 2012

Catching up!

Wow! I really dropped the ball. I have been keeping my own FB updated, which is pretty easy to do, a few quick sentences. After my last chemo I had a really hard time putting thoughts together and having the energy at the end of the day to write anything. I spent the time as I should have, with my family. Many ideas for posts came to me and I never wrote it down. Hopefully I will remember some stuff I wanted to share! I am also going to be sharing more of my journey, what Zane has gone through and some tips I have for those that are going through the cancer journey or their family. I am also going to be posting some things that Zane and I are up to.

The reason why? Because the one thing that has probably impacted me the most through this cancer journey is that did not have my priorities straight. Time and time again I put my family behind so many things, good things but just 'things'. Not 'things' God wanted me to do, just busy church work. So I taking time off ministry to get my priorities straight the best I can, I know I will never get it totally right but I though that some might be able to relate to my journey, we can give each other encouragement and pray for each other. Here is a quick update since my last chemo

Radiation started end of April, last radiation was June 11th. Radiation was give days a week for right around six weeks.

On August 20th I had my breast reconstruction. So as of tomorrow I am just three weeks out. I am doing good for what was done, it takes awhile, it was an intense surgery and I was under for 8 1/2 hours. It takes a body a while to recover from that. I will be sharing more on this. We are THRILLED with the results.