Saturday, January 14, 2012

MOPS Pink Out

Thank you to all my MOPS sisters who helped with me Pink Out in October.  It's comforting even now to think back on that day and remember it for all the hugs, tears and laughs instead of absolute terror for what I might face in the coming weeks.

For some who wonder why I haven't been so scared, I am surrounded by godly women!

 Ribbons Jessica handed out!

 Craft time!

 We were making candy bars into mummies and pumpkins

I am the discussion group leader for a crazy table, there was "talk" that we would get trouble more than other tables for talking......

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Second Chemo

Had my second infusion on Thursday, things went very smooth until Sat midday. My body aches and nothing sounds good to eat, so I sleep, I wake up because my body hurts, probably from being in bed so long! Darin and Kailey did a great job taking care of me, brought me what I thought I could eat and entertained Zane. We have had three hot meals provided to us this weekend from friends and family, so blessed!

After my first infusion, my white blood cell count took a nosedive, so I now have to receive a shot to boost my white blood cells(5700 bucks!!!) We are well insured, have not paid a thing...yet but next time I hear of a benefit for medical expenses for someone fighting cancer, I know why, this stuff is pricey! The shot causes flu like symptoms but was told very clearly if I do run a fever the are "obligated to admit me to the hospital" yikes, lets try to avoid that!

I do feel a bit better today than yesterday and trying to focus on that. I have the time to do more writing, a bunch good stuff has happened but I still have "chemo brain" where I have a hard time making sense of some things so I think I will hold off.

The hair on my head is making a mass exit, the hair on my legs is still there, what is wrong with this medicine anyway?! Handling the hair thing pretty well, I think because I can just avoid mirrors, I am reminded of my mastectomy each time I look down. I got a new Kindle Fire for Christmas from Darin and have been using it a bunch, Sat morning it decided not to charge so I will need to call about that. Getting casted for my falsies on Tuesday, Bible Study on Wednesday, MOPS Friday.

So some frustrating things and some things to really look forward to. Choosing to worship Him through all this, love you Jesus, glad to know you are right here with me.