Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The story continues

A week ago.... I am at Bible Study at the Free Church, I have been going to the women's Bible study there for almost two years. It isn't my "home" church but I call Pastor Curt my "other pastor". I found this Bible Study group when I signed Zane up for Kindermusik that a member of our church had told us about. I met Jessica, I ended up getting getting put into a different class then we thought we were signing up for. The other class if full, I tell her I think that sometimes this happens for a reason so we just go with the class she has us in. Two weeks into the class, they tell me about MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) that meets at the church, asks me to come. They are having a food party. Woo hoo! I go, have a GREAT time and Dayna invites me to Bible Study that has child care. The first time I went I felt a strong presence from the Holy Spirit and have grown spiritually leaps and bounds since. More on this later....

Back to Bible study, we begin with prayer requests and then start reading in Exodus about the plagues, which is what we are studying. I get a call from a Lincoln number and have a pretty good idea who it is. I answer and it's Dr. G. My stomach does a flip. He asks me "So what happened yesterday" so I know he didn't get my message I left about the biopsy so he is checking in with me to let me know they will call with results right?

He says, lets talk, go find a place you can sit down and have privacy. He continues with "I really hate these calls but you do have cancer" WHAT? I start crying, not even sure what he is saying. I remember, hearing surgery...radiation...treatable...early. WHAT? Who are we talking about? I need to call Darin, right away...Dr G says that a nurse will call me later when it has sunk in more, call him personally if I need to talk.

I went back next door to the group and totally break down. They cry with me and pray over me. Give me words of wisdom and hope. Joan (Pastor Curt's wife) takes me to go find a pastor to help me call Darin. Pastor Curt is out of the building, Pastor Myer is on the phone, Pastor Dan is available. Joan tells him the situation and we talk and pray and he helps me call Darin. Pastor Lowell comes in, with Nan, his wife who is a breast cancer survivor. (did I mention God is very detailed). Nan tells me that they wouldn't change a thing of what they have been through Exactly what I needed to hear!!! They leave, Pastor Dan and I are figuring out what I should do next, Darin is in Weeping Water getting a load and won't be home for an hour.

I call one of my dearest friends, Shawn, tell her over the phone, something I really hated to do. We both cry more, then I hear in the hallway that Pastor is there, I am thinking Pastor Curt came back, no it's Pastor Jim, the pastor from our church. Pastor Curt had talked to Joan  then he stopped Pastor Jim in the parking lot where they were meeting for the Ministerial Association in Seward. My in-laws pastor is there and they can share with him too so he can be prepared. The sight of Pastor Jim makes me break down again and I am passed from Pastor Dan to Pastor Jim. He prays with me, gets me figured out what to do about getting Zane and getting to Shawn's house. I get to preschool (a Christian organization) and go right to director's office. Two weeks before she had given her testimony at a Wednesday night service at our home church. I share with her the news, more words of hope and she tells me that if needed they have an unusual situation of extra room if Zane needs extended care. That put my mind at ease though at the time I didn't realize the outpouring of support that would be offered to help watch Zane. Zane and I head to Shawn's house where we wait until Darin gets home. I will post another time how God has blessed me with Shawn. VERY cool story!

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