Thursday, October 13, 2011


There are five of us "kids" in the family. 

Ty called me today and of course made me cry (he always does, but in a good way) Ty understands me, he should, my mom says I am the female version of Ty. And how I have missed him since he has moved! He needed to know the facts and of course, If you need me, yep I did and he called during my only major meltdown of the day. (Did I mention God is very detailed?)

Michelle, the organizer, finding out info, rallying for support, working on the "education" portion and her husband Tony for supporting her, she will need it!.

Todd and Kelli (Kelli is Todd's wife and Darin's sister, yeah, it's all legal) going to the appointment with us tomorrow, she is an ICU nurse at the same hospital. Talked to her tonight so we could make a plan for tomorrow. She said Todd is going to get a pink shirt to wear for me. Yep, that got me too.

Tim and Darla, these are the prayer warriors. Darla really gets me, more on this later, she really plays into the "story" of yesterday. But this says it all. Thank you family I love you so much and thank you God for giving me the family I have, warts (and cancer) and all.

Sent by Tim on my behalf, received to warriors ALL over the country and thru out the nations.
Blessings Dear Friends,

My youngest sister, Melissa (not yet 40 years old if I have the dates right), has discovered in the past couple of days that she has breast cancer. She had a routine Mammogram this past December and all was clear.  She noticed a lump about a month ago and just this week had a biopsy on the lump and some lymph glands as well.  The Dr's were surprised and although it is early to say, they are thinking that it has been caught at an early stage.  Treatment has not yet been settled but first they will remove the lump.  The Dr has a positive outlook and is hopeful to getting all of the cancer.   When she got the phone call she was at her Bible study at church. There also "happened" to be several pastors there to pray for her as well as the ladies in her Bible study.  God has and is covering the details. 
When considering the God-given medical resources we have in America, we are full of hope.  And even more importantly, considering now that this disease affecting my sister has a name (breast cancer), that 'name' must bow the the Name above ALL Names. 

Please join with us in praying for Melissa, Darin her husband, Kailey (15) and Zane, their 3 year old son. 

Thanks so much for praying!!  You already know, but I'll remind you that your prayers certainly do matter!!


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