Saturday, March 17, 2012

Theology of a three year old

So Zane has been a real source of laughter this last week. I thought I would share a few.

After putting sandals on for the first time since last year. He was pretty excited to  have sandals on...

"Mom, you don't need socks with sandals! Nope, no socks, just feet."

Overheard conversations with Zane and Cora.

While playing mom and dad.

"Zane, you know our kids died, they got stepped on by a coyote"

While going to Seward for McDonalds 

 "Tora, I know how to drive, you push that button and it turns the brake on"

After scooping the black kitty off the road (one of my favorites) I told them that they better stay off the highway or the same could happen to the them. Zane responded with
"Well you have to look both ways, the black kitty didn't AND he didn't have a adult with him." 

On the way back from Seward

"Tora, we have church tomorrow and we go to a monster church, but they are just nice monsters."

And my favorite

Zane: Mom, did you see that red tractor over there.
Me: Yes
Zane: It didn't have a bucket on it, why it not have a bucket on it.
Me: Not sure
Zane: Cause God made it that way.
Me: Really?
Zane: No, God didn't make that, the workers did.
Me: Yes, but God made the workers that made that tractor
Zane: Yes and I like God so he made me. And he made Jesus. And God is going to get him.
Me: Really, God is going to get Jesus for doing what?
Zane: Not he is going to get Jesus, like if you gets lost or if you gets hurt or if a dinosaur steps on you. God is going to get Jesus.
Me: Oh, so if you need Jesus, God will get him to help you?
Zane: YES
Me: Oh that is good to know. I will make sure I call for Jesus if a dinosaur steps on me.

I think I should change my blog to, "When a dinosaur stepped on me"


  1. From the mouths of babes;) u do have a t-rex by your house Lol! Love u Mel!