Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PET Scan results

Had the PET scan yesterday. Pretty easy, was injected with radioactive isotopes, took an hour to pray and rest, put on a bed that when into a short tube (though when your torso is fully enclosed it seems like a longer tube. It didn't last long though until my head was out and they just scanned my body. Then was given instructions to drink lots of water, flush the toilet twice after using it and not to hold any infants. Easy everyday stuff......YIKES

We got the results from the PET scan. The cancer did NOT spread past those lymph nodes on the right side. There is some cancer left in the breast area and I will need another surgery. We are meeting with a plastic surgeon next Tuesday to get a clearer look at my options, one that we are looking at is a bi lateral mastectomy which would be full removal of both breasts with reconstruction. We aren't taking this decision lightly though we are making quite a few jokes about it to keep us laughing (instead of worrying :) Please pray for us as we move into the treatment stage.

Treating cancer is not easy but we are choosing to look at this as a trial like many of you are facing, there are people out there we are mourning a loss of a loved one, have a child who is sick or having problems just being a teenager, depression, anger, family problems, marriage problems, dealing with unforgiveness either with someone else or not able to forgive themselves.

Jesus is there waiting for you. When you think you can not see Him in your trial, look behind you, He is holding you on His lap. You are His and whatever you are facing has to bow down to the King of Kings because if you have Jesus in your heart, you are pure gold! Set down what ever is holding you back at the foot of the throne, Jesus can take it for you.


  1. I am so glad you're laughing to pass the time, Melissa! I am thankful for this news that I had tears in my eyes while I was still giggling over flushing twice. I have that CD of pictures for you and also a little something. I will make arrangements to drop by soon and we will keep you in our prayers!

  2. Melissa
    We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers daily for complete healing! Your cousins from OHIO