Friday, November 11, 2011

How can you help?

Surgery is planned for next Friday November 18th. Surgery will be around ten in the morning, mid afternoon when I am in the room. They are expecting me to stay a couple of nights unless I am good then might leave on Sat.

First, please cover us in prayer. The upcoming surgery is going to be hard on us emotionally. We know there is a cost, and this is it but it's still hard. Second item of prayer and praise I guess is that is also Kailey's 16th birthday! A new step of independance for her, please cover her in prayer for safety and guidance.

Freezer meals are welcome! One thing I craved after my last surgery is cookies so cookie dough would also be appreciated. I can't do nuts or peanut butter.

Second, you can sign up to see my calendar where I will be posting when I need help for appts etc. Keep in mind that right now Darin is going to many of my appointments but as soon as we get moved into the treatment portion of this I will be looking for more help. I LOVE that so many are wanting to help right now!

Here is where you can sign up. You have to register because there is going to be sensitive info on where I am going to be, where Zane is etc for our safety the info isn't out there for the world to see!

I will be blogging more on my experiences this week later on. Kinda feeling overwhelmed right now with everything I THINK I need to get done. Honestly, I think as soon as I get the house vacuumed and dusted I will feel like it's all under control. It won't take long but I always put it off. Have a good weekend all!

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