Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wow, what a week it has been! I am overwhelmed with the support I have gotten from other home school moms, notes, texts, posts, it has been just when I needed it. Also Darin has been super supportive and a great listening ear as we tweak our schedule and find our routine.

We started this week talking about creation and working on letters. I am happy with the progress he has made this week. We think Zane is a numbers man, not a letters man. But there is a letters game we have been playing (simple flash cards, who knew?) and his grandparents bought him a book, Magic Treehouse #1 and it seems like with the combination of those two things, he is wanting to read (and by this I mean, being read to) AND learn his letters. Woo hoo! So we are headed out tomorrow to the Lincoln Library to find more Magic Treehouse books, renew our card and get more books to go with our units. I have already read the entire book to him and his dad just started over with it so we have to get more for our own sanity.

A little bit of the tweaking has been that I have had to jump ahead in lessons, the first 10 lessons were not enough for him apparently so I decided to add some more things in to challenge him so that was a challenge for me to hurry up and finish preparing the lessons from the first week in September.

Tomorrow after the library we are headed off to Morrill Hall and the planetarium. If anyone has good ideas of making a solar system we would love to hear it!

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