Monday, August 18, 2014

Well, it's been a while since I have posted. I guess it's fitting to start now for a couple of reasons. One, we are at the two year mark on Wednesday of my re constructive surgery. That was the 8 1/2 hour surgery. But we are recovering and starting a new adventure!

Last March, Darin and I felt a strong calling from God to home school Zane. This was not a decision we took lightly. I am at times overwhelmed with the responsibility I have for his education. At the same time, I am overwhelmed with joy to be the one to teach him to read, write,...And of course FIELD TRIPS. Zane and I love field trips! We are also thrilled because we have some very special people that we are blessed to call friends that home school as well. So our play dates and field trips are going to be awesome. We are also very excited to meet new people on our adventure.

Here is a picture of the kindergartner. He woke up by himself at 7:30 which rarely happens and wanted to start right away. I negotiated coffee first and we got down to it. The formal school work, took about an hour. We are using My Father's World which starts with the 7 days of creation. So the first seven days of school we are going to be doing a bit different activities. Also, next week we have a State Fair trip planned to the State's Largest Classroom. The following week a trip to Edgerton Science Museum for a lab.

Some of the activities we have planned at home in addition to his formal school work are playing, reading and playing. All the things a 6 year old should be doing! We are going to try to slip in some music lessons, swim lessons, plays at Lied Center, Orpheum and Rose Theater and cooking. The music lessons we will probably wait a bit on. It's a book for me to teach him piano aimed at home schoolers. I played all through high school so I am hoping that I can at least get him started.

So stay tuned for more updates!


  1. Wohoo what an awesome opportunity for you both. It sounds like a very fun year for you guys! Gavin starts in a week at the public school so we shall see how that goes. You live in a great area with a great supportive network for homeschooling. You guys will do great! Have fun! miss you guys!

  2. Yay, yay, yay!! Have a wonderful year!! Braxton is super excited to have Zane as a "classmate" for activities. :)

  3. Amanda how crazy that our kids are in Kindergarten this year! The grow up so fast. Miss you too. Amber, it's great because I have people ask me if Zane has kids to hang out with and be friends with. I couldn't have chosen better! ha ha. So with that, know that anytime you want to send him over, there is an open invitation for him to come play. That way maybe you can get some time in with "your girls". And of course getting rid of all of them at once works too!