Thursday, December 15, 2011

Warrior Juice

Well, received my first warrior juice installment today (chemo) it's draining some of my human strength so the warrior strength can fight the cancer. Oh how I still long for Jesus to just speak and heal me. But I also know He is making me more like Him through this, He has a lot of work to do and He needs us to do it. I need to look with compassion, speak to others when I feel the urge, give hugs tell them how much I love them. I will never be close to be like the character of God. I am so marred with sin and human yuckiness so I need to FOLLOW really close behind Him and listen to His Words so I can try just a little to be like Him.

Anyway, I feel OK, much like my morning sickness with Zane. We did notice that I lost almost all color to my face even when I am feeling ok. Which is kinda weird since I always have a reddish look to my cheeks. I am tired and a little queasy at times but really doing ok. My guys are doing ok I think, spent some time down stairs with Zane and now him and dad seem to be getting along ok with a bath and bedtime.

If I feel up to it, Michelle and I are going to go Lincoln to get fitted for my falsies. ha ha. Be we come!

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